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Restoration Marketplace started as a dream many years ago by the owner, Missy Points. Missy has been an interior decorator for 30 years and has always enjoyed helping others make their vision come alive.  She has had booths in several different locations over the years and finally an opportunity arose for her to open her own location and bring in her fellow vendors that she has developed close friendships with over the years of working together. Restoration Marketplace offers several different product and services. We offer custom furniture services, consultations, design help while shopping, painting classes, woodworking classes, and much more. Keeping our community involved is what our main goal is here.


We have over 20 vendors offering a wide variety of style and product! A few examples include: refurbished furniture, true antiques, cowhides, purses, baskets, new furniture, home decor, jewelry, candles, Burt's Bee's, etc...

Restoration Marketplace is also a proud Jolie Paint distributor! We will be selling all your favorite colors, wax and accessories! Our vendors and employees are staffed with the knowledge to help you choose the perfect color for your project piece and offer advice or design tips. 

We look forward to having you stop by our shop!

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